Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not enough time in the day

I really expected to get a lot done today but things just didn't work in my favor. Besides the fact of always having so much on my mind. I found it very hard to focus on my house. I think the only thing i really got right today was getting my kids off to school. I know one thing i have to gain control of is my problem with sleeping at night. It's always at night when my mind decides to go 90 to nothing. I know its time for me to set some goals and actually put all my effort into reaching them. Hopefully as time goes i will actually see the changes I have made.


  1. Hi mommy :) I am Emma. I saw you on bloggy moms. Sometimes there is just enough time in a day but eventually things can get done. Sometimes having our mind 90 to nothing is not a bad thing at all. We also need our rest it gives the body the energy needed to accomplish all we want to get done. Looking forward to your blogs!

  2. I feel the same way, so I try to spread stuff out. Always easier said than done!
    new follower, found you on bloggymoms!